Oilfield Steam Distribution
Piping (SAGD & CSS)

There are many special requirements for the design and construction of oilfield steam distribution piping for SAGD and CSS. Qualimet will help keep you on top of the regulations and operating safely.

Count on us for integrated engineering, testing, and inspection services for:

  • SAGD (steam assisted gravity drainage) steam distribution piping
  • CSS (cyclic steam stimulation) steam distribution piping


Qualimet’s engineering team has an in-depth understanding of the requirements for SAGD / CSS construction, and extensive experience in welding these materials.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve been involved with SAGD steam pipe for most of the major facilities, covering all jurisdictional authority requirements, including:


Depending on your requirements, Qualimet will provide any combination of the following services:

  • review of owner SAGD / CSS specifications and supplementary requirements
  • system design, design auditing, and quality control
  • review of designs for contractor project requirements for steam line testing
  • Weld Procedure (WPS) development and welder testing
  • consulting services and support for QA / QC personnel who work with SAGD / CSS steam piping
  • SAGD / CSS steamline testing, inspection, and certification services
  • third party auditing services, including:
    • facility and field audits
    • pipe fabrication audits
  • steam line failure analysis


All work is done in accordance with CSA Z662 Clause 14 and Annex I, Oilfield Steam Distribution Piping (SAGD).

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