Projects that involve welding or other industrial uses of metal can be complex. If the project is approached in a piecemeal way, the complexity can breed inefficiency and raise costs.

Qualimet’s goal as a consultant is to partner with every Client to reduce your costs and free up your experts to do other things. As partners, here are some assets that we bring to the table:


Big-Picture Thinking

Is the outcome you’re asking for really the outcome you need? Maybe Code requirements have changed. Maybe there’s a better, more economical way. Qualimet begins every project with the due diligence that’s needed to ensure that your money is not being wasted.


The Ability to Free Up Your Experts’ Time
When you partner with Qualimet, you free up your experts to focus on mission-critical activities that can’t be outsourced. A recent Harvard Business Review article explored the growing business practice of outsourcing. Find out how partnering with Qualimet for welding engineering and related services can benefit you by freeing up your experts’ time.


Navigating through the complex, often interrelated, sets of Codes and Standards can be difficult and time-consuming. Qualimet cuts through the complexity to deliver cost-effective, Code-compliant solutions.


After almost 40 years of consulting in the metals industry, Qualimet’s team of professional metallurgical, mechanical, and civil engineers know what works, and what doesn’t. We’ll save you from having to reinvent the wheel. And when something truly new and innovative is needed, your Qualimet team has the knowledge and experience to deliver.


The Resources to Provide Complete Solutions
When you’re dealing with different service providers for design, WPS, testing, and inspection, things can fall through the cracks. As a hands-on, full-service consultant, Qualimet can handle your metals engineering projects from design through to final inspection, so you benefit from coordinated, integrated services and solutions.


A Second Opinion
Qualimet provides a full range of third party auditing services. You get the peace of mind that comes from having a fresh, impartial eye involved.


Commitment to Removing Your Pain
Whatever the scope of your project, Qualimet’s goal is to make the difficulties go away. We’ll take care of all the details and complexities, so that from your point of view, the whole project seems simple and easy.


Commitment to an Ongoing Relationship
At Qualimet, we think that familiarity breeds efficiency. Doesn’t it make sense that the more intimately a consultant knows your business, the better they can deliver value? Our goal is to truly understand your operations, then use that knowledge to deliver efficient, profitable, Code-compliant solutions that contribute to your company’s success.


If you’re looking for a metals engineering consultant that will be a true partner in your operations, contact Qualimet today.