When you keep your lifting equipment in top condition, you benefit your company in many ways—legal, financial, and safety-related.

Qualimet provides a comprehensive range of services designed to keep your lifting and hoisting equipment in top shape.

As a certified CSA W178.1 Inspection Organisation, we will provide you with reliable advice and assistance with all phases of the lifting equipment life cycle, including:

lifting equipment structural design
materials engineering
developing Welding Procedure Specifications
preparing data sheets
quality assurance training
welder Performance Qualification testing (shop and field)
materials and welding technical support
procuring codes & standards books
non-destructive testing (NDE and NDT)
metallurgical testing services
lifting equipment inspection and certification
design of lifting equipment repairs & modifications
forensic failure analysis

All work is carried out in accordance with the appropriate codes and standards: CSA B167 & B354, C225, Z150, Z247, Z256, CSA, CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) W59 & W48, ANSI B30, etc.

Lifting Equipment Inspections & Certification
Qualimet provides lifting equipment inspections and certification services for all types of lifting equipment, including:

snorkel man lifts
knuckle booms
telescoping boom frames

All our Inspectors are certified under CSA W178.2, and Qualimet itself is certified under CSA W178.1 as an Inspection Organisation. This means that our Inspectors work under the direction of Professional Engineers, ensuring the highest level of service.

All inspections, testing, and remediation work is carried out in accordance with the relevant codes and standards, including CSA B167, B354, C225, Z150, Z247, Z256; Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) W59 & W48; ANSI B30; and others.

Let Qualimet take your equipment inspection worries off your hands. Contact us today.