Welding Engineering Solutions

Qualimet provides complete materials engineering services, metals testing, and metals-related inspections and certification to a variety of industries, including pressure equipment, pipeline, structural steel, lifting and hoisting equipment, industrial equipment & machinery, and dangerous goods transportation.  While our focus of operations is within Alberta and Western Canada, Qualimet serves clients worldwide.

Clients rely on us for the rapid delivery of efficiently packaged, high-quality solutions that are just right for the application.  Qualimet’s interdisciplinary knowledge of the applicable codes and standards gives us the ability to consistently deliver innovative, cost-effective, and timely metallurgical engineering solutions.


Engineering Consulting

Inspection Services



Welding Engineering Services

Qualimet specializes in welding procedure (WPS) design, testing, and documentation for new applications and repairs.
Give us your welding challenges, and we will give you peace of mind. Qualimet is experienced in the design and documentation of welding / brazing procedures for all applications. Qualified personnel will:
• talk with you about your WPS requirements
• develop the welding procedures
• prepare samples
• coordinate and conduct tests to validate the welding procedures
• document the test results
• provide the WPS and welding procedure data sheets (WPDS) needed for certification
• deliver any other welding-related consulting services you need
Welding procedures and brazing procedures can be developed in our labs or at your own facility.

Inspection Services

Qualimet is certified a s an inspection organization under standards CSA W178.1, “Certification of Welding Inspection Organizations”.
Complete Hassle-Free Inspection Services
Qualimet’s certified, experienced inspectors will travel to your worksite to provide any of the following inspection services:

    • Structural steel inspections & testing (shop & field)
    • Pipeline inspections and auditing (mill and construction)
    • Pressure vessel and pressure piping fabrication inspections
    • Operating inspectionsof pressure vessels and pressure piping
    • Mobile equipment inspection and testing
    • Inspection of modular packages (shop and field)
    • Surface preparation & coating inspections
    •  Inspections related to dangerous goods transport
    • Customized QC and QA inspection programs
    • Third-party inspections and quality control auditing for a variety of metals and materials applications

Quality Systems Audits & Services

Qualimet is experienced in the development of quality management systems and quality control programs (aka. “QA/QC Systems”) to meet the submission requirements for:

    • ABSA (Alberta Boilers Safety Association) quality management system manuals for pressure equipment and pressure piping.
    • TDG (Transport Canada) quality control programs for the transportation of dangerous goods.
    • TSASK (Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan) quality control programs.
    • BCSA (British Columbia Safety Association) quality control programs.
    • MDLIME (Manitoba Department of Labour and ImmigrationMechanical Engineering Branch) quality control programs.
    • Other Provincial and State jurisdictions.

All manuals are customized for your specific needs.


Metal Failure Analysis

Metal failure analysis can be an important first step for minimizing repeat occurrences of the same failure mechanism.

An experienced failure analysis consultant can save you money in the following ways:

  • For each failure, determine whether a failure analysis is justified in terms of the likely outcomes (dollars saved and safety ramifications)
  • efficiently pinpoint the cause(s) of a failure
  • make appropriate recommendations

Welding Testing Facility

Qualimet delivers convenient, hassle-free welder testing:

ABSA welder performance qualification testing (“WPQ Testing”) in accordance with ASME, CSA, and API Codes

CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) Welder Testing (CSA W47.1)

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